1. Instructions

This is excerpt from Instructions album, who contains a book called "Cosmic prescriptions" 2017

In this recording:
There is this nice Google translate lady, thnx to her.
There is this Oskars Jansons who translated, featuring Laura Ziemele edit.


I realized I had found something incomprehensible and very unexpected.
...it led me to believe that there was a spy among us - an alien of some kind.
As I suddenly realized this, I didn’t even consider I could have merely lost my mind.
And yet it contained clear instructions on how to become a better space pilot. It seemed the author might be one of those self-help writers from planet Earth.

Things to work on as a space pilot.
Basically, work really hard.
STRENGTHEN your knowledge and the positions you've currently lost. If a way to make it happen reveals itself - wait, observe, evaluate and file a report.
You must also work to study the universe. Report to us on what's most useful in the universe, so that the best of us may survive and inhabit this place.
Should we be worried that there's no free space there? We can and want to improve every little thing we can, right?
Can we give everyone their own place (meals, shelter)?
Your objective is whatever you choose, but, please, do your job, keeping in mind that it concerns everything that we hold important. At the same time, people must learn to get by on their own. That's why were here, after all.
There's bad people here, too. ( Be kind to others) Report any flaws in the program. Educate, and grow goodness on the bad, injured parts.
This is how your body should change. We strongly demand that you improve the following things about your body, so you are able to fulfil missions.

Lung capacity - make it as large as possible. Eyesight - there is danger that you won't be able to read important information from a distance.
Weight - large dimensions are unsuitable for rapid movements.
Brain and bone culture.

Please, protect your valuable organism
especially the thyroid gland,
teeth and skin.
Note your parameters.
Dear potential deserter! One of your escape plans of that we support.
You may leave the planet, it'll be easier to catch you this way. Best of luck! (Be kind to others)
(End of excerpt)